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    Silsilah e Qalandaria Qadria Shazlia Firdausia Chistia

    The term Khanqah is the Arabized version of the Persian compound word- Khankah / Khangah. Khaana in Persian means House. Kaah means straw or hay. Gaah is simplified form of the word Giyah meaning grass (green or dried). Hence the word Khanqah stands for a house made of dried straws or grass.

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  • Brief History

    Several Khanqahs are located in India, particularly in the state of Bihar. Among all the Khanqahs, Khanqah Emadia Qalandaria is unique. It is located at Mangal Talab (Previously known as Mangle's Tank), Patna City. For centuries it is specifically engaged in sincere public service by helping the society in their social and spiritual matters. It is distinct in many ways. 

    There were great theologians, learned men, poets, literary persons and renowned physicians in the Khanqah, established by the saint Hazrat Khwaja Emaduddin Qalandar who was affectionately called "King" by his disciples. At present it is .......

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  • Emadia Library

    As a prestigious educational and research institution, Khanqah Emadia Library has a very prominent and reputed name. It was established in 1103 AH (1691 AD) by Hazrat Sayyed Shah Burhanuddin alias Lal Mian Rahmatullah Alaih, the father of Hazrat Khwaja Emaduddin Qalandar. He was an embodiment of exemplary characteristics. He had deep knowledge of all matters – religious and spiritual. He had a very good collection of books. When he came to know about the return of his son Hazrat Emaduddin rahmatullah alaih after completing the studies, he gave his entire personal collection of books and added some more and thus a valuable library came into effect.

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  • Spiritual Treatment

    We are providing solution of your spiritual problems. Rayeesul Mashayekh Qalandar e Dauran Hazratul Allama Maulana Al-haaj Syed Shah Misbahul Haque Emadi madda zillahul aali, Sajjada Nasheen, Khanquah Emadia Qalandaria is providing you the spiritual solutions. Life is uncertain. If you are having doubts about certain things in your life, for example choosing the right partner, moving out of city, or anything that is making you confused could be sorted out through the means of istikhara. For istikhara, contact us at the information provided on contact us page or you can send message in spiritual form of the website.

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